Independent Funeral Celebrant


As a Funeral Celebrant, I can offer you a religious or non-religious funeral service.   It really depends on the kind of service you are looking for.  I can deliver the service to your wishes.

How a Typical Funeral Service may look:-

  • Opening music (generally a CD or the organ)
  • Opening words of welcome
  • Reading of a poem
  • Singing of a Hymn
  • Main Tribute / Eulogy to your loved one (between 5-10 minutes)
  • Moment of Reflection (sometimes with music)
  • Closing remarks and announcements
  • Closing of the curtains / moment of farewell
  • Closing prayer and music​

Most crematoria have the "Wesley" music system installed, or "Obitus" – (a computerised system that can play almost any piece of recorded music.  Others chapels have access to CD facilities. Live music can add a more poignant touch).

I will contact you to arrange a home visit.  During an informal interview, I will gather as much information about your loved one as I can; important dates, milestones in their life, achievements, family stories and anything you would like to be included in the service.

I will guide you through the ceremonial process; assist you with music choices, poems, readings and hymns if you wish these to be included.  Family members can offer their own tributes should they wish to do so, or the Eulogy / Tribute is can be carefully written by me and will incorporate as many elements as you wish.

I will keep you constantly involved in the creation of the service.  Through the use of e-mail (if available); a Draft Order of Service will be sent to you within 24 hours of our meeting, followed by a Draft Service Script in full approximately 48 hours thereafter. ​This will allow you to make any amendments to ensure you are happy with the whole service.  ​